The University of Mississippi

2022 Flagship Society Honor Roll

Platinum $5,000+

Patricia M. and Guthrie T. Abbott Sr.
Jennifer A. and Gerald M. Abdalla
Mary H. and George E. Abraham II
Janet T. and Olen S. Akers
A. Cheli and Samuel F. Alexander
Emily S. and Owens F. Alexander Jr.
Emily A. Allen
Margaret C. and Meredith B. Allen
Phyllis W. and Reuben V. Anderson
Cathy and Al Annexstad
Melissa H. and Ronald G. Applewhite
Carey S. and James S. Armstrong
Barbara D. and David W. Arnold
Ellen E. and Philip K. Asherman
Russell Atchley
Tricia and Barry W. Atkins
Mary L. and Freddie J. Bagley
Emily G. and Phillip J. Bailey
Jackie P. Bailey
Corinne R. and Rocco A. Barbieri Jr.
Marsha D. and Haley R. Barbour
Margaret P. and John L. Barker
Donna and James L. Barksdale
Carol Jo Barnes
Helen B. Barnes
Jahnae H. and Eddie L. Barnett
Stephanie G. and Richard R. Barrett
Alison W. and Bradford P. Barry
Barbara K. Beckmann
Consuelo Beck-Sague and Andrew Dean
Deborah H. Bell and Neil W. White III
Monica T. and Raymond L. Bergin Jr.
Ann and Ronald Bernstein
Dorothy E. Berry and Richard Moses
Linda Biernacki
F. Watt Bishop
Karen A. and David B. Blackburn
J. Steven Blake
E. Josh Bogen Jr.
Norma S. Bourdeaux
Audra A. and Phillip W. Bowman
Graham G. Boyd
Laura L. and John R. Bradley Jr.
Shawn S. and David E. Brevard
Jennifer W. and Benjamin Bridges
Virginia F. and James G. Brooks
Lissa L. and Adam H. Broome
Kaye H. Bryant
S. Kendall Dunn and John A. Buettner
Mike Bukaty
Dana and John R. Bunten Jr.
Judith L. and David M. Burckel
Glenda W. and Kenneth M. Burns
Sheryl L. and Roland O. Burns Jr.
Jean B. Butler
Susan M. and Lampkin Butts
Gloria M. and H. Joseph Byrd
Julie S. and Charles W. Caldwel Jr.
Molly W. and Richard J. Call IV
Susan A. and Gary V. Cantrell
Lisa M. and B. Scott Caradine
Leigh Anne and James O. Carpenter
Amanda B. and James R. Carr
Stephanie B. and Ken Carroll
Julie and Timothy J. Carter
Gay L. and Steven T. Case
James C. Castleberry
Deborah and C. Dean Causey
Mary and Michael J. Chaney
J. Truman Channell
Constantine Charoglu
Ping C. Cheng
Virginia G. and Charles C. Clark
Erika W. and Charles C. Claybrook
Elizabeth R. and John R. Cleveland
Mary S. and J.D. Clinton
Jenny Cockburn-Becherer and Thomas L. Becherer
Crystal G. and Horace E. Combs III
Jerry Conatser
Susan G. and Jeffrey A. Conley
Kara R. and Charles W. Cook Jr.
Caroline and T. West Cook III
Pat M. Cooper
Timothy M. Cooper
Linda L. and Dean Copeland
Meredith and Thomas B. Courts
John W. Covert Jr.
Lucille W. and James H. Creekmore
Betsy S. and Wade H. Creekmore Jr.
John W. Cromeans Jr.
Wendy M. Cromwell
Gina and John T. Crunk Jr.
Billy W. Cummins
Sharon M. and Danny E. Cupit
Martha D. Dalrymple and James L. Cummins
Wallace E. Davenport
Bryan M. Davis
Nancy and Sidney D. Davis III
Dianne and James E. Davison
Ellen Meents-DeCaigny and Chris DeCaigny
Susan W. and Lawrence A. Dio Jr.
Ann B. and Matthew H. Dobson
Carol J. and Robert E. Dorsey
Dean J. Douglas
Jean C. Douglas
Ouida C. and W.W. Drinkwater Jr.
Martha S. and John H. Dunbar
Susan H. and Kevin T. Duncan
Cyd and Robert H. Dunlap
Lynn W. and Woods E. Eastland
Christy C. and Robert L. Echols Jr.
Byron W. Eckols
Mike L. Edmonds
Rebecca F. and Mike Ehrlicher
J. Matthew Eichelberger
Karen J. and Rick Elam
Laura B. and Stephen A. Ethridge
T. Keith Everett
Janet G. and S. Lawrence Farrington
Misty Shaw-Feder and Ronald M. Feder
Judith C. and Charles H. Ferguson Jr.
Terri R. and Ed Flemmons
Tonya K. and Dale L. Flesher
Frances C. and Harry Flowers
Gaye P. Flynt
Jacob Folse
Patty and Stephen S. Foose
Avery and S. Neil Forbes
Luetta W. Ford
Shane Foreman
T. Paige and Andrew S. Fornea
Prisila and Shane Foss
Stacy C. and Robert S. Foster
Edward G. Francis
Kaye and Stephen G. Franks
Mary Ann H. and Don L. Frugé
Felicia Fruia-Edge and John T. Edge
Lee Anne and William N. Fry IV
Emily C. and Lawrence M. Furlong
Ann Bowden and Robert C. Galloway
Christy and P.M. Galtney
Elizabeth M. and W.F. Galtney Jr.
Rita N. and William Garcia
Gladys S. Garrett
Sandra R. and H.W. Gates
Edward K. Gaylord II
Dyan W. and George F. Getz
Robert I. Gilbert
Carolyn B. and Daniel Gilchrist IV
Sarah D. Gillespie
Jean G. and C.W.R. Gispen
Margaret F. and William L. Glass
Donna H. and T.M. Glenn
Graeber Foundation
Bettie Y. Graham
Roane R. and Robert V. Grantham
Mary M. and Steve W. Grantham Jr.
Katherine G. and Johnson M. Green
Reba M. and Lance Greer
Janice M. and Chellis O. Gregory
Laura E. and W. Walton Gresham III
Anna P. and Thomas G. Gresham Jr.
Sonja and Bill Griffith
Cynthia C. and Lloyd M. Grissinger
John M. Groat
Sunny and Mac Haik
Colleen E. and Christopher L. Haley
Kay K. and Miles L. Hall III
Jean and Dayne E. Haltom
Larry J. Hardy
Cecile B. and Robert H. Harper
Nancy L. and Ronald E. Harper
Cornelius B. Harris
Jerry W. Harris II
Lyttleton T. Harris IV
Cathy and Joe D. Havens Jr.
Janice A. and P.L. Hazlewood Jr.
Mary V. and Van E. Hedges
Kathryn H. Hester
Lucile P. and William S. Hicks
Martha R. and Frank S. Hill Jr.
Harriet N. and Albert L. Hilliard
Carrie and Damon T. Hininger
Mamie and Jet Hollingsworth
Patricia B. Hopper
T.E. Horton Jr.
Lynn and C. Delbert Hosemann Jr.
Katrina and Michael Hourin
Deborah L. and David W. Houston III
Sarah L. and Guy L. Hovis Jr.
Lisa W. and Jeffrey P. Hubbard
Kay B. and Carson M. Hughes
Cristin M. and J.P. Hughes Jr.
Sarah M. Hughes
Abigail A. and Benjamin D. James
Camille J. Jeffcoat
Marcus C. Jennings III
Evelyn S. and Jeffrey L. Johnson
W. Harper Johnson
Paula and Jonathan B. Jones
Gloria Kellum
Edith Kelly-Green
Lane Kiffin
Elizabeth and Ross C. King
Steven B. King
Faye H. and Walter D. King Sr.
Holly and Josh Korman
Barbara N. and Edward A. Krei
Carol and P. Ken Lackey Jr.
Kerri R. and Austin E. Lafferty
Kristina Lambert and Douglas M. Wright Jr.
Gerard A. Lareau
Chandler D. and Andrew L. Laws
Leah K. and Gary G. Lawson
Robert E. Lewis Jr.
Marcia B. and Lawrence L. Line Jr.
Sara L. Linton
Elliot H. Loden
Margaret and Richard R. Lonquist
Hayley H. and John R. Lundy
Ray E. Mabus Jr.
Doug P. MacEachern
Joe Macione Jr.
Stewart M. Madison
Kent R. and David D. Magee
Donna and W. Percy Malone
Charlotte L. and R. Phil Malone
Laura and Gregory M. Maloney
Sharon D. and John A. Maloney
Olivia W. and E. Archie Manning III
Josephine and Wilton L. Marsalis
Cathleen A. and C.D. Martin
Sherry A. and John F. Martin
Modena Martin
Paula S. Martin
David T. Martineau V
Karen C. Matthews
Allen McBride
Margery McBride
Ginger B. and John W. McCaleb
Jeremy C. McCamic
C. Jane Quinn and Jeffrey J. McCarthy
Susan C. and David O. McCormick
John M. McCullouch
Ford McElroy
Peggy C. and Keith McKey
Marty D. and Lynn B. McMahan
A. Ashley and Victor H. Meena Jr.
Eva-Maria and Michael F. Metcalf
Beth and J. Walter Michel
Beth and J. Walter Michel
Edward E. Milam
Ivana Vujic and Jake Mincemoyer
Richard Molpus Jr.
Lucy L. and Guy W. Moore Jr.
Karen B. and A. Bruce Moore Jr.
Tisha and Michael C. Moore
Amanda A. and Hunter H. Moorhead Jr.
Debbie and Patrick Moran
A. Elliott Moreton
Michelle S. and S.K. Morgan Jr.
Rachelle G. and Christopher N. Mouron
Frederick Muller
Nancy W. Murrill
Jane Kerr G. and Robert B. Nance III
Elizabeth M. and John W. Narron
Meta S. and Jonathon M. Nash
Nayla A. and George J. Nassar Jr.
Charlene L. and Patrick Neal
Cynthia H. and Monroe Neal Jr.
Nancy G. and Ray H. Neilsen
Kristie and David H. Nutt
Dana F. and Bond E. Oman
Kimberly and Norman M. Orr
Andrea G. and Charles L. Overby
Helen G. Overstreet
John N. Palmer
Rose L. and Henry Paris
Renita A. and Mark Q. Partin
Deborah and Bobby R. Pate
Tami J. Paumier and Glen C. Warren Jr.
Jennifer and Abb Payne
Ann C. and Edward P. Peacock III
J. Denton Pearson Jr.
Elizabeth C. and Charles W. Pickering Jr.
Dabney J. and James R. Pierce Jr.
Mary M. and Mark T. Pierce
Janet J. and George Pilko
David M. Pincus
Scarlotte M. and Crymes G. Pittman
Renvy G. Pittman
Thomas F. Pittman
Edith Polk
Franklin P. Poole
Hilda C. and John K. Povall
Kathy S. and Lee W. Randall
Kathy and Michael K. Randolph
Amy A. and Van Ray
Jenny S. and J. Bradley Rayner
Mary Sharp and James W. Rayner
Whitney Rayner and Edward K. Crawford
Alyssa S. and Jesse B. Revis
William R. Rhodes
Cindy and R. Neal Rich
William M. Richardson III
Rachelle M. and C. Scott Ririe
Allyson H. and Paul G. Riser
Lea Ann and Brian K. Roberson
Donna R. Roberts
Melanie A. and William A. Roper Jr.
Marc Rosen
Stephen E. Rowell
Shannon W. and Timothy L. Rutledge
Lucius F. Sams Jr.
Kathy and Joe F. Sanderson Jr.
Lisa B. and Virgil L. Sandife Jr.
Cindy E. and David G. Sansing Jr.
Faye E. Sansing
Linda V. and A. Craig Sartin
Carrie T. Scarborough
Diane T. and Richard F. Scruggs
Gail G. Seely
Cynthia M. and Robert Seibels III
Wendy S. and John W. Seiple Jr.
John D. Self Jr.
Jean M. Shaw
Baerbel Shaye
Haley and Brandon S. Sherman
Sara M. Shoemaker
Kristen and Marc Short
James N. Sikes
David B. Smith
Diane A. and Frederick W. Smith
Sloane N. and Joshua R. Smith
Cynthia M. and Michael E. Smith
Pamela P. Smith
Vicki L. and Harry A. Sneed
Risa P. and Sumner S. Spradling
Cynthia B. Stafford
E. Roe Stamps IV
Nancye B. Starnes and David Hughes
W. A. Staton III
Nancy K. Stengel
Deborah T. Stewart
James C. Stewart
Alan K. Stone
Shyam R. Suchdeo
Kenneth J. Sufka
Regina and Floyd M. Sulser Jr.
Robert S. Summers
Baylor B. Swindell
Pamelyn M. and David W. Terreson
Carlyle G. and W. Preston Thomas Jr.
Martha and James T. Thomas IV
Eleanor A. Gill and Pete R. Thomas II
Susan S. and Sanford C. Thomas
Helene L. Thompson
Mary M. Thompson
Wendy K. and J. Carter Thompson Jr.
Mitchell D. Thweatt
Mike Tincher
Paige York and Casey G. Tippens
Amanda Trabue and J. Ike Brodofsky
Judith T. Travis
Susan and Rodney F. Triplett Jr.
Robert J. Turgeon
D. Benton Turnage
Marsha C. and J. Rainer Twiford
Carrie R. and Jimmie L. Valentine
M. Douglas Vance
Wanikka Vance-Clark
Allyson L. Vaughn
Elizabeth G. and Charles R. Veazey III
Brigitte B. and Stanley J. Viner
Sharon W. and Jeffrey S. Vitter
Judith and William A. Vogel
Donna D. Wade
Kathleen H. and Arthur J. Waldrop
Caroline A. and Marc E. Walker
Tara M. and Jeff B. Walker
Rhondalynne and Bruce E. Ware
Keyana R. and Cedric J. Washington
Camilla E. Watson
Susan K. and Wendell W. Weakley
Loraine L. and Scott Wegmann
Sallie Weissinger and J. Bart McMullan Jr.
Rebecca J. and Steve West
Sharon K. and Kerry J. West
Patricia C. White
Mitzi J. and Lynn K. Whittington
Ginger G. and R.Q. Whitwell Jr.
Leah S. and Robert H. Wilkerson
Kenneth W. Williams
LeaAnne and Al L. Williams
Nancy S. and M. C. Williams
Polly F. and Parham Williams Jr.
Edward B. Williston
Leigh Ann H. and Jeffrey R. Wills
Noell and Gary M. Wilson
M. Amanda and Edward R. Wilson Jr.
Maggie L. Winters
Anne and Bobby R. Wood
Marsha M. and Brent W. Wood
Julie J. and Dudley D. Wooley
Ashley J. Wright
Emily and Greg Wright
Sandra H. and Dennis I. Wright
Margaret A. Wylde
Melinda C. and Benjamin Yarbrough
Nancy F. and William G. Yates Jr.
Tara D. Yates
William G. Yates III
Gingia and W. Swan Yerger
Mary Yerger
Erin O. and William D. Young
Allyson Z. and Richard J. Zak
Lyle Zardiackas

Gold $2,500-$4,999

Shaunna D. and Timothy J. Adler
Sarah G. and Jimmy D. Ainsworth
Karen T. and Frank A. Anderson
Roz and Douglas Anderson
Joanna and Jeffrey Andrews
Janice A. Antonow
Natalie and Robert R. Bailess
William C. Baird Jr.
Desiree Baldocchi
Sandra S. and Harris H. Barnes III
Allison G. and Ross P. Barrett
Daniel Bass
Marianne A. and Scott Beavers
Martha K. Bending
Sandra I. and John P. Bentley
Paige H. Berry
Allyson M. and Robert B. Best
William W. Billips
Leslie J. and Joel K. Bobo
Heather and Joseph R. Bogdahn
Heather M. and Mike D. Brown
Sarah Y. and C.P. Buffington Jr.
Frances M. and Anthony Buzbee
Margaret A. and Michael E. Callahan
Nancy S. and Carl Carden
Kathryn M. and Charles E. Cauthen Jr.
Melissa A. and Gregory S. Clark
Debra F. and A. Leon Collins
Sherry D. and Richard L. Cooper
Elizabeth P. and John A. Crawford Jr.
Leslie L. Crawford Jr.
Mark A. Crawford
Ygondine S. Creasy
Replique D’Amelio
Elizabeth Darnall
Laura Y. and Raymond M. Dearman Jr.
Brenda and Roy G. Deary
Melanie W. Dowell
Elizabeth J. and William C. Drummond
Anthony A. Eason
Sarah E. and Stephen V. Edge
Kimberly K. and James N. Eickholz
Tracie and Gregory D. Espenan
Delores and Gustavo Ezcurra
Rose J. and Richard L. Flenorl
Molli A. Flynt
Ronald M. Frith
Elizabeth M. and Don L. Frugé Jr.
Carol H. and William T. Gafford
Mary-Grace H. and Justin T. Gentry
Stacy M. and Daniel J. Gesek Jr.
Denise C. and Gerald A. Gibson III
Monica R. and Hardy P. Graham Jr.
Samuel N. Graham
Annie and Maximilian Graupner
Leigh S. and Thomas D. Growney
Dorris S. and William E. Gulley
Susan S. and Mark G. Gunn
Katherine S. and Jordan H. Hankins
Rita and Steve Harris
Mary D. and Samuel B. Haskell III
H.T. Hayden Jr.
Mary L. and Gerald J. Haywood
Morella K. and John C. Henegan
Kirsten E. and J. Ryan Hill
Samuel C. Hix
Matthew Holley
Ryan P. Hoormann
Gayla and Wendell L. Hoskins II
Ann W. and Hugh O. House
Bettye M. Howard
Kelly and Hunter H. Howell
Chern J. and John C. Hsu
Peggy B. and Charlie A. Hudson
Sandra M. and Robert T. Jackson Sr.
Ellen C. Johnson
Laura D. Jolly
Penny Jones and Charles Jones
Cecile and Trent Jones
Chelle and John Kelaher
Robert C. Khayat
R. Lyn Kieltyka
Maureen Kocisko
Janice and S. Allen Lackey
Melissa C. and Jeffrey T. Laseter
Pamela B. and William F. Lawhead
Jennifer and John G. Lazzara
Alan Leach
Rebecca E. Lilly and Howard Sams
Allison and Ray Lockard
Marcia Logan and C.D. Goodgame
Soumyajit Majumdar
Liza Mallette and Pope Mallette
Libby and David S. Mallitz
Debra and Terry Mattingly
Susan M. and William T. Mays Jr.
James V. McCardle
Denise and Robert Mccarthy
Diane W. and Steven G. McKinney
Jenifer K. McMillan
Charles R. McMurchy
Betty C. McReynolds
Melinda and Matthew McSparin
Susan S. and Thomas C. Meredith
Camille G. Mitchell
Lisa C. and Michael B. Mitchell
Susan S. and Guy W. Mitchell III
Elizabeth L. Morgan
Camille and William H. Morris Jr.
Chelsea and Sheldon A. Morris
Nicole and Gary Nemmers
Jean S. Nichols
Christopher A. Noone
Susan L. and H.W. Norton Jr.
Linda C. and W. Page Ogden
Christopher Olsen
Charlotte P. and Paul N. Parks
Tia and Andy Pashby
Libbie K. and Kevin M. Patterson
Elizabeth A. Payne and Kenneth A. Rutherford
William E. Pegues III
Kelly and Charles Pfister
Frances A. Phillips
Kathryn and Kevin Phillips
Gail J. and John R. Pittman
Julie P. and Charles J. Potter Jr.
Melissa A. Poynter-Powell and Jeffrey A. Powell
Barbara S. and S. Milburn Price Jr.
Bridget and Don Rainey
Elizabeth J. and Robert M. Randall III
Thomas J. Reardon
Aaron Reed
Staci L. and Michael A. Repka
Audra S. and Thomas E. ResterJr.
Barbara S. and Wylie E. Richards Jr.
Jon L. Ringquist
Sara S. and Rob Robertson
Tommie L. Robinson Jr.
Elizabeth H. and Matthew P. Rotan
Katherine Roy
David W. Russell
Donna L. and Thomas C. Schmidt
Joann S. and R.P. Scruggs III
Susan P. and David C. Shaw
Mary D. and M. Lee Shearin
Sherriel F. and Bernard L. Shipp
Cherion and Barry Sibley
Carleigh E. Sigman
Valerie W. and George M. Simmerman Jr.
Candace L. Simmons
Jennie Skelton
Barbara O. and Paul K. Smith
Carolyn V. and W. Marion Smith
Elizabeth C. Smith
Michele and Kelly Smith
Debra L. and Alan L. Spurgeon
Bryan M. Stephenson
Jene J. Stevens
Pamela Stewart-Kuhn and Joe Kuhn
Kelly J. and Mark H. Strong
Nancy L. and J. Walker Sturdivant
Cori L. and Patrick W. Sullivan
Anne W. and William B. Taylor
Mary E. Tompkins
Elizabeth W. and Dale A. Touchstone
Jane D. and William C. Trotter III
Cindy J. and Paul A. Turner
Betty S. and Jesse B. Tutor Jr.
Linda B. and Turner W. Tyson II
Mollie and William J. Van Devender
Linda and Craig Vonburg
Liz T. and Cecil F. Walker III
Jane M. and Thomas H. Walman
Valarie D. and Tommy T. Wammack
Thomas Warner
Debora R. and Mitchell R. Wenger
Kemble White IV
Mary Alice and Donald A. White
Michelle and Richard H. Whitley
C. Hays Burchfield and Joshua G. Whitlock
Curtis C. Wilkie Jr.
Sheryl S. Williams-Jenkins
Elizabeth and Julian Williamson
Amanda and Philip Windham
Nancy O. and Zebulon M. Winstead
Tanya H. and Archie W. Wright
Debra B. Young
Tobi and Evan A. Young
Preston Young
Xiao Zhang

Silver $1,848-$2,499

Helen B. and Wadie H. Abraham Jr.
Michelle and Robert H. Alexander Jr.
Katherine K. Allen
Jenelle and James R. Andrews
Jennie and James Antinnes
Jean P. and Ronald K. Baker
Rebecca A. Boswell
Ralph Brigham
Rex H. Brunt
Susan S. and Charles D. Cannon Jr.
Brett W. Cantrell
Winston Caperton Jr.
Charles A. Carr
Charles F. Carr
Regan A. Caviness
Alice M. Clark
Judith L. Cole
Kristina A. and Keith S. Collins
Thomas A. Condon Jr.
Marie S. and John W. Cope III
Edie and James E. Corrigan Jr.
Sheila B. Cowart
Warren E. Cox
Timothy Dawson
Lara M. and Vance P. Derryberry
Victoria L. and Thomas Dickinson
Rosemary L. and David W. Dillard
Janie and Dennis E. Dollar
Helen W. Downer
Kathryn and Curtis R. Downs
Eileen H. and David N. Duddleston
Marcie C. and William R. Ferris Jr.
Dorothea H. and W. Edmond Fitzgerald
Ginger G. and William M. Gage
Mary Helen Gaines
Deborah T. and W. Scott Galloway
Chetna Bhargava and Vish Ganapathy
Brandi Gandy
Kathryn F. Gates
Ann and Chauncey R. Godwin Jr.
Shelley S. and Patrick C. Gough
Gerald Green
Donna H. and Aaron K. Halford Jr.
Claire C. and James A. Haltom
Susan Sadler Hayman
Gayle G. and Mike Henry
J. Robert Hightower
Diane V. and Reed B. Hogan II
Aliza M. Holzman-Cantu and Wilfrido Cantu
Amy Iles
Charlie S. Iupe Jr.
Stephanie and John A. Johnson
Dale C. Johnston
Melissa M. Jones
Sally V. and E. Jeff Justis
Michele and Kevin L. Kemp
Richard E. Kennedy
Alfred R. Koenenn
Amanda B. and Jason Landry
Maura W. and Alexander B. Langhart
Traute and James E. Langmesser
Natalie Latham
Paula G. and Joseph F. Lauderdale
Cynthia Lewis
David Lovelady
Margaret O. and Milton L. Lovell
Ashley A. and J. Scott Mattei
Caroline S. and J. Cal Mayo Jr.
Kay C. and French R. McKnight III
Sarah C. and Michael S. McLellan
Carole L. and Joseph R. Meadows
Lisa T. and Floyd M. Melton III
Alysson L. Mills
Ramona R. and Michael P. Mills
Holly H. and Meade W. Mitchell
Kathleen and David W. Mockbee
Ann E. and Stephen M. Monroe
Lynda Montoya
Melanie R. and Paul H. Moore Jr.
Kari Moreno
Nancy J. and James Muldowney
Lynnette S. and James T. Murff
Sage and John B. Nichols
Laura S. and Richard G. Noble
Joshua L. Norris
Mildred R. and John A. Norris
Kimberly W. and K. Jamil Northcutt
Jennifer R. O’Barr
Amy and Alexander Odom
Rosemary Oliphant-Ingham
David Orthwein
Pat Patterson
Elizabeth S. and Scott W. Pedigo
Jonathan R. Pennington
Jennifer and Patrick L. Perry
Kiana and Dennis Pickens Jr.
Linda B. and Jim Pitcock
Sue and David A. Puleo
Deidre and John B. Reed Jr.
Carey B. and Marshall D. Rivers
Kimberly S. and Peter Robertson
Cathey B. and David B. Russell
Priscilla P. Schmitz
Linda B. and Stephen H. Scott
Mary Lou and Norman H. Seawright Jr.
Catherine C. and Taylor M. Sledge Jr.
Augusta H. and William K. Smith
Mary E. and J.G. Smith Jr.
Jerry D. Strickland II
William C. Takewell
Aundrea and Joseph A. Taormina
May W. and Lindsey Tape
Susan F. and Dennis J. Troy
Caroline W. and Todd B. Underwood
Don R. Vaughan
Debra M. and Thomas E. Vaughn
Geoffrey P. Vickers
Donna R. and Gerald D. Wages
Lesley V. and Brian K. Walkington
Nell B. Wall
Timothy L. Walsh
Paula R. and Kirk M. Wardlow
Emily I. Warren
Benjamin M. Watson
Jamie R. and Louis H. Watson Jr.
Cynthia A. Weatherly
Elizabeth W. and Charles T. Webb
Larry D. Weeden Sr.
Elizabeth P. and William F. West
Jay L. Wiener
Marie L. Antoon and Charles R. Wilson
Yimei Zhang
Xu Zuo

Bronze $1,000-$1,847

James M. Achord
Barry Adamson
Joy M. and William M. Aden
Ann Elize W. and Charles J. Allen
David D. Allen
Dorothy S. Allen
Mary K. and James B. Allen Jr.
Janet L. and Fritz Anderson
Michelle A. Anderson
Blair B. and William H. Anderson
Marian F. and Fred M. Anklam Jr.
Priscilla Ashworth
Elizabeth S. and Mark C. Atchley
Julia A. and Robert H. Aubrey
E. Murray Avent
Antrece L. Baggett
Manil Bajracharya
S. Jennifer Sugarman and Konrad J. Banaszak
Claire B. and R. H. Barksdale
Kimberly W. and John R. Barnes
Mary Beth J. and D. Coleman Barnes Jr.
Wanda and Nicholas J. Barone
Evana M. and John L. Barrett Jr.
Tina B. Barry
William Battle III
Xandra B. and Roderick A. Beard
Wyatt Beard
Sandra and Mitchell J. Bellipanni
Rita L. and William J. Bender
Suzette L. Matthews and Matty Bengloff
Marshall G. Bennett
DameaB. and Louis W. Benton
Dana and Joseph T. Berry
Lauren M. and Mark Beyers
Nicole S. and Bryan J. Bishop
Jane P. and Robert R. Black
Sandra M. and John L. Black Jr.
J. Michael Blackburn
Judith B. and Estes M. Blackburn
Mary L. and Leonard Blackwell II
Robbie and Larry G. Blackwell
Deborah A. and Charles A. Boggan
Susan P. and Jeffrey D. Bonds
Linda D. Booker
Tamara D. and Todd A. Boolos
Suzanne and William R. Boone
Walter H. Boone
Ashley S. and Michael J. Borne
Demetria T. and William R. Bouchillon
Alicia S. and Jason H. Bouldin
Carol M. and Leroy Boyd
Lee Ann and H. Gary Boyette
Lana and Guy Boyll III
Elizabeth K. and Richard L. Bradley
Jack Bradshaw
Mariya D. and Stanley K. Breaux
Anthony J. Breckner
Renee M. and Paul S. Breitzman
Michelle M. Brekken
Kristy N. and David I. Bridgers III
Mary M. and Edward B. Brinson
Linda and Robert T. Brodell
Charles A. Brown
Holly H. and Brooks R. Buchanan
Buck Buchanan
Robin C. and Denny N. Buchannon
Bill Buffington
Maralyn H. Bullion
Sara J. and Thomas R. Burke
Jan Burrus
Connie B. Cagle
Ashley C. and John P. Callery
Thomas L. Callicutt Jr.
Mary E. and James L. Calvert
Marilyn R. Canada
James C. Cantrell
Lauren G. Cardenas
Sandra H. and W. Edward Carlton
Lacy B. and Preston C. Carpenter Jr.
Melody Crunk-Cates and Tony Cates
Jeremy O. Cervenec
Jane T. and Clarence W. Chapman
Jayanta Chaudhury
Marilyn H. and Bennett W. Cheney
Daisy T. and Alexander Cheng
Lauren Childress
Sallye C. Chow
Sophy J. Chung
Dinah C. and Harold N. Clark Jr.
James C. Clark
P. Anthony Clark
Joan D. Cleary
Scott Clifford
Mary A. Cobb
Beverly J. and Kevin N. Cole
Kathryn C. and William D. Coleman
Jack T. Cooper Jr.
Liz and Randy Cooper
Christina and N. J. Correnti
Carole T. and Michael N. Counce
Robert A. Cowden
Kitty B. Cox
Vanessa Craven
Carl M. Crawford
Darrell Crawford
Elspeth M. Crawford
Lynn S. and David S. Crider
Samuel K. Crocker
Jennifer and James M. Cross
Sandra B. and Frank Crosthwait Jr.
Beth P. and Val S. Cuthbert Jr.
Katherine H. and John N. Daigle
Elizabeth F. Daniels
Rhea A. Daniels
Diane Davis
Susan P. and G. Terry Davis
Jefferson J. Davis
Deborah S. and Jerry A. Davis
Johnetta G. Davis
Kathy Davis
Corese C. and Kendall E. Davis
Philip J. Deer III
Lindsay H. and Dodds M. Dehmer
Sandra B. Deleeuw and David N. DeLeeuw
Elizabeth A. and Daniel C. Dickens
Kaori and Michael Dixon
Martha Tate S. and Henry C. Dodge
Jane S. and Paul A. Dongieux Jr.
David S. and Steve Donosky
Jane M. and William C. Douglas
Diane and Nicky Drake
Robert E. Duncan
Gordon H. Dunkin Jr.
Carolyn C. and Joseph B. Durrett
Carole S. and William M. Dye Jr.
Patricia S. and David A. Dykes
John A. Eaves Jr.
Tricia D. and William R. Edmonson
Cecile C. and Arthur M. Edwards III
Elizabeth A. and Hugh Edwards II
Cynthia F. and Rodney H. Edwards
Maurice R. Eftink
Herbert C. Ehrhardt
Susan S. and Francis K. Ellert
Celeste S. and E.G. Ellis
R. Byron Ellis Jr.
J.R. Ezzell
James M. Ferguson Jr.
Taylor N. Ferrell
Wendi F. and Samuel J. Ferris
Victor I. Fleitas
Brian M. Folk
Margot and Richard M. Fountain
Karen S. and Derrick Freeman
William B. French Jr.
Kimberley D. Fritts
Marnie and Peter K. Frost
Jacquelyn Fudge and Malcolm C. Cullen
Ellen and Curt Gabardi
Brady M. Gailey
Alice A. Gammage
Tiffany E. Gammell
Dewey D. Garner Jr.
Eileen and L.B. Gatewood
Lane R. Gauthier
Courtnie L. Ghinaudo
Carolyn W. and Randel C. Gibson
Donna O. Gibson
Kimberly A. and T. Lee Gibson
John M. Gililland
Tiffany S. and R. Todd Gililland
Staci and Scott R. Gill
Nicole and Joseph R. Gladden
Deborah T. and Kenneth B. Glenn
Patricia A. and Charles H. Goodman
Laurel Gordon and Philip Gordon
Robin B. and John J. Gourley
Virginia L. and George R. Goza
Dorothy L. Graham
John Graham
Alicen and Peter W. Grandjean
Susan S. and Kirk A. Graves
Korei and Deldrick D. Gray
D. Shepard Smith and Giovanni Graziano
Lois Y. and Steve R. Gregory
Sara Grenier
Susan K. and Matthew P. Grice
Mary Ann W. and William G. Griesbeck
Constance S. and Daniel P. Griffin
Richard B. Griffin
Emily H. and Harry C. Griffith
Susan H. and G.O. Griffith Jr.
Sherlock V. Grigsby Esq.
Elizabeth A. Grob
Jennifer M. Hoekstra and Srivatsa V. Gupta
Tina H. and James W. Hahn
Deborah W. Hall
Tracey M. and Michael B. Hall
Kay K. and Thomas L. Haltom
Judy and William C. Hammack
Ashley S. and Joel A. Hanel
Cindy B. and Edwin Y. Hannan
Dorothy S. and Charles B. Hargrove
Laura G. Harper
Catherine C. and Guy B. Harrell
Julie S. and H. Clayton Harrington III
Corneil B. and Maddox Harris Jr.
Elvin L. Harrison III
Jessica Hart
Hind T. Hatoum
Catherine A. Hawkins
Jeanne T. and William S. Hays
Linda S. Hayward
Susan L. and Daniel J. Hedglin
Patricia Heeter
Suzanne H. and Campbell Helveston
Henry C. Henick III
Lorraine M. and William E. Hester III
Jean W. and J. Edward Hill
Evelyn M. and D.K. Hines
Diane T. and J.L. Holloway
Gail M. Holman
Claudia W. and R.H. Holmes IV
Ruth B. and Alben N. Hopkins
Amy K. and Daniel H. Hoskins Jr.
Moira K. and Joseph House
Marijean H. and S. Kent Howell
Rubie and H. Ray Howell Jr.
Susan S. and John N. Hudson
William R. Hudson
Melanie Hunsberger
Corie and Craig Hunt
Jolee C. and Charles L. Hussey
Robena K. and Walter E. Hussman Jr.
Patricia C. and W. Carter Hutchins Jr.
Reed B. Ingram
Selby A. Ireland
Terri C. and William W. Iupe
Lisa F. and Randal R. Ivy
Annie L. Jacobs
Donna B. and Dale R. Jacobs
Paula P. and William R. James
Pat Jenkins
Gwen M. Johnson
Cecelia B. and Patrick L. Johnson
Elizabeth and David Johnston
Judith G. and Steaven K. Jones Jr.
Lydia and Daniel W. Jones
Mary and Dennis A. Jones
P. Gail and G.R. Jones Jr.
Robert L. Jones III
Candace O. and Walker W. Jones III
John C. Jopling
Darko Kajfez
Norman P. Katool
C. Glenn Kellum
John W. King
Martha D. Kirkley
James R. Kitchell
Shuenn-Jze and Rama Konnar
Nancy C. and Donald K. Krecker
Sandra Williams Krieger
Nancy S. Krpec
Judy and Michael Lahrman
Therese T. and Damon T. Lai
Lou Ann J. and R. Alan Lamar
Linda L. and Wayne T. Lamar
Maggi and Lee C. Lampton
Elizabeth B. and Guy J. Landingham
Kristin J. and Dex Y. Landreth
Rebecca S. and Jooh Lee
Van E. Lee Jr.
Wesla S. Leech
Vicki R. and C.P. Leggett Jr.
Casey M. and William E. Lewallen Jr.
Patricia P. and William Lewis Jr.
Barbera H. Liddon
Constance H. and Thomas G. Lilly
Debra L. Starnes and David M. Lindsay
Mitzi B. and William H. Linginfelter
Erin Lloyd
Marla W. and Lowry M. Lomax
Penny and Robert H. Lomenick
Rebecca H. and Billy W. Long
Mary C. Sexton and Philip R. Loria Jr.
Tricia and C. Trent Lott
Courtney H. and Robert Y. Love Jr.
Clarence S. Lovelady
Carol S. and James A. Lowe
Anne and Jonathan D. Lucas
Elaine and Leonard Lurie
Elizabeth R. and Jeff Lusk
Linda D. and Alexander MacCormack
Jason Madrak
Peter J. Magielnicki
Lauch M. Magruder Jr.
Angela and Eero Maki
Lee M. and Donald W. Maliniak
Elisabeth C. and Hugh S. Mallory
Kitty V. Mann
Mary L. and Dustin L. Markle
Laura S. and Hank C. Martin
Danny Martinez
Sally and Waddell Mashburn
Michael J. Maslanka
Melinda L. Mathews
Cherri D. and William S. Mayo
Courtney and Steve McAlexander
Jenifer R. and Steven P. McBride
Yolanda B. and Edwin D. McCain
Lori McCreary
Meredith A. and Micah J. McCullough
Jackie and Bryan C. McDonald
James W. McFarland Jr.
Tawnia and Tim McKiernan
Marie and Jerry McKinney
Keri F. McKinney
Judith A. and Patrick McNarny
Jessica B. and Taylor B. McNeel
Patrick J. McNulty
Yolett A. McPhee-McCuin
Martin C. McWilliams Jr.
Shannon M. and Moss B. Melton
Leonard B. Melvin III
Cheri A. and Joseph S. Messina Jr.
Lynn A. and J. Scott Middleton Jr.
Cheryl S. and Dennis W. Miller
Eden T. and Jeffrey R. Miller
Sheral Cade and Vernon Miller Jr.
Becki and David H. Mitchell
Lynda and Richard D. Mitchell
Kristy S. and Scott A. Moak
Karen C. and Robert S. Montjoy
C. Sue Moore
Eleanor J. Morgan
Martha R. Morgan
Melva and John A. Mortimer Jr.
Martha Mosakowski
Stephanie and Timothy C. Mullins
Janet M. and Peter B. Muncie
William L. Murphree
Lindsay D. and James A. Murphy
Rene A. and Grover M. Myers
Jennifer W. and James H. Neeld IV
Donna Niewiaroski and Allan E. Bellman
Sally F. and Darden H. North
Robert J. Notestine III
Cathy S. and William J. Nunley
Joseph F. Odom
Walterine P. and Cecil D. Odom
Cynthia E. and David D. O’Donnell
Jeffrey L. O’Hara
Thomas Oliver
Michelle M. and Richard E. Olson
J. David Orlansky
Taylor Paddock
Susan and Paul Page
Celia X. Pan
T. Craig Pannell
Jason Paris
Cindy D. and R. Jason Parolli
Betty L. and James P. Pate
Mansi A. Shah-Patel and Amit S. Patel
Mary Libby Payne
Julia R. and Rush A. Peace Sr.
Casey W. and Cason Pearce
Sally Pederson and James A. Autry
William R. Peeler
Alison N. and Everett J. Perkins Jr.
Pamela D. and Weldon D. Perkins
Cheryl and Randy G. Pierce
Karrie M. and James F. Pierson III
Julia P. and Lee L. Piovarcy
Cynthia G. and Bill Pitesa
Lynda S. and Monroe Pointer
Christyn B. and Sam Potts
Rebecca P. and Donald C. Potts
Lindsay M. and Harris F. Powers III
Eric R. Pratt
Deborah K. and Andre Prefontaine
Lucy P. and Jody D. Priddy
Jerry Punch
Melina and Barry L. Pyle
Cesar Queiroz
John Quinn
Leigh D. Ray
Diana W. and John B. Read III
Carlton Reeves
Brian J. Reithel
Danny E. Reynolds
William B. Ridgeway Jr.
Vivian C. and David G. Roach
Martha C. and Terry A. Robertson
Latonya and Marvin B. Robinson
Shanel and Robert L. Robinson II
Michelle L. and David Rock
Bonnie K. Harkness and James F. Rogers
Mary V. and Don O. Rogers III
Anita Jo and William J. Ross III
Jewett and Alan F. Rothschild Jr.
Pamela K. and Rickey D. Roy
K. Gail Russell and Ken Potish
Lisa and H. Allen Salter
Bathsheba T. Sams
Charlie J. Sang Jr.
Elizabeth H. Sansing
Carol C. Satterfield
Linda B. and John P. Scarbrough
Cecilia L. Caldwell and Philip Scavotto
Linda R. and William A. Schroeder III
Jeffrey Schwarz
Antionne D. Scott
Mabelle G. Seawright
Cara J. Carter and Todd Sechser
Christi Seely
Sandra K. and John H. Selby Jr.
Graciela L. and Elias H. Shaer
Stephen T. Shanahan
Margaret M. and Jere M. Sights
William D. Simmons
Penny R. and Edward B. Sisson
Constance Slaughter-Harvey
Susan B. and Homer L. Sledge III
Collins T. and Cannon Smith
Frances P. Smith
Gerald A. Smith Jr.
Jerry R. Smith
John H. Smith III
Laura B. and R. Brent Smith
Melanie D. Smith
Patricia H. and John B. Sneed II
Rose and Hubert E. Spears Jr.
Joelle K. and Richard L. Speed Jr.
Cynthia H. and Joseph K. Speetjens
H.E. Spring
Seetha and Asoka Srinivasan
Mary E. and J. Blake Stancill
Leslie M. and Gordon L. Stanfield
Joann R. Stefani
James H. Stevens
Dorothy C. Stewart
Cynthia A. and Morris H. Stocks
Lisa G. and Adam Stone
Ginny L. and William H. Street Jr.
Carolyn C. and Gary S. Stringer
Forrest W. Stringfellow
Ann and Earl T. Stubblefield
Ygondine W. Sturdivant
Heather M. and Alan K. Sudduth
Kathleen L. and Peter C. Sukanek
Neal H. Sumner
Joyce Sumners
Rhonda C. Swider
Robyn M. and J. Rhea Tannehill Jr.
Pamela P. and Hugh E. Tanner
Molly M. Goldwasser and Colin Tate
Glenda J. and Boyce A. Taylor
Kellie M. and Russell L. Thomas
Laura H. and Samuel R. Thomas
Jan P. and N. Gordon Thompson Sr.
Elizabeth and Timothy M. Threadgill
Marsha H. and Frank L. Tindall Jr.
Joyce R. Titus
Susan H. Tobelman
Jan H. and Andrew R. Townes Jr.
Richard L. Townsend
Becky Traweek
Lori L. and Terry F. Traylor
Judith D. Trott
Beverly and Ike S. Trotter
Ann Christopher and Bryant C. Trotter
Ethel Truly
Sidnette W. and Edward W. Turnage III
Jackson Turner
Cynthia H. and Lewis O. Unglesby
Semmes R. Van Brocklin
Ben W. Van Landuyt
Karen R. and J. Paul Varner
Margaret J. Varshock
Rosa and Stephen Vassallo
Anne P. and Jerry G. Veazey Jr.
Lugene and Nicholas Vincent
Madelyn M. Visconti
Ramanarayanan Viswanathan
Rachel P. and Jim Waide
Myra S. and Meredith M. Walker Jr.
Nora K. Walker
Carol W. and Richard E. Waller
Charlotte and William L. Waller Jr.
Christy W. and C. Wesley Walls
Elizabeth E. Walmsley
Deborah P. and Mark H. Walton III
Michael P. Walton
Kuo-Chao Wang
John W. Ward
Monica and James A. Washington
Polly P. and Walter G. Watkins Jr.
Ann E. and Vic Watts
Jennifer M. and William C. Weathersby
Thomas M. Weissinger
Barbara Lea G. Wells
Debbie M. Wesley
Elizabeth H. Wetherington
Wanda Whaley
Charles White
Tina Marie W. and Geoffrey J. White
Heather W. and Walter J. White
Sharon M. and Richard E. White
J.J. Wicker II
Wilma J. and Robert P. Wilbanks
Denise E. and Mark Wilder
Shawn and Bobby S. Wilkerson
Dawn E. Wilkins
Rosalie M. Willett
Carol Williams
Cynthia C. and David T. Williams
Elise V. and Thomas E. Williams
Jane C. and Nason L. Williams
Kelli and Andrew M. Williams
Lillian Williams
Emily F. and Mike E. Williams
Reba W. and Dave Williams
Rosemary T. and Sandy Williams
Stanley L. Williams
Jacob H. Williamson
Martha P. Williston
Rachel B. Willow
Ashley E. and Mark B. Willson
Christopher R. Wilson
Rebecca E. and Marvin C. Wilson
Tifany Y. and Derrick D. Wilson
Ellen B. Meacham and John W. Winkle
Ellen L. and Milton J. Womack
Samantha T. and Mack D. Woo
Angie and David C. Wood
M. Mary and James A. Woods Sr.
Nanette R. and John M. Woody Sr.
Marvin D. Woody
Vickie M. Cook and Michael W. Wright
Nathan C. Wright
Beth B. and Jack B. Yates
Eddie T. Yau
Julie C. and Geoffrey O. Yoste
Mei F. and Jie Zou

Recent Graduates $100-$500**

Madeleine E. Achgill
Meagan C. Allen
Pontus V. Andersson
Sheila Arun Kumar
Christina W. and Andrus G. Ashoo
Erica B. and Shawn T. Avent
Warren N. Ball III
Lauren E. Barber
Matthew L. Barnthouse
Steven R. Barr
Daniel D. Baxter
Joseph M. Bell
Mary Betsy and Bruce J. Bellande
Stephen M. Benn
Kaustuv Bhattacharya
Allison M. Bradshaw
R. Brady Bramlett
Richard A. Brohaugh Jr.
A. Fisher and John J. Bullock Jr.
Wendy C. and Jay P. Carmean
Robert A. Carson III
Jill P. and J. Keith Carter
Elizabeth E. and Christopher K. Cassidy
Julio Cazares
Neal Ann and Tommy V. Chamblee
J. Terrel Clay
Jessica D. and Robert R. Cole
Marcia S. and Donald R. Cole
Cameron C. Coleman
Elisabeth L. Corbus
Kevin R. Cozart
Austin L. Cutler
Manasi V. Datar and Amod Athavale
Leah A. Davis
Amelia G. DeWitt
Chukwuebuka Dibie
Claire E. Dixon
V. Paige and Cass Dodgen
Ashley W. and Anthony M. Douglas
Stephen Douglas
Lindsey N. Dunn
Adrienne V. and Norris A. Edney
Dylan J. Edwards
Nicholas T. Elliott
Ryan M. Esparza
Michelle Frenssen
Kelly L. Freund
Madeline J. Friedman
Andrekeus L. Frison
Karmen L. and Robert O. Garey
Samuel C. Garner
Campbell H. Geary
Morgan C. and F. Ryan Geary
Joshua T. Glasz
Yasmin M. Glover
Stefanie and Gregory A. Goodwiller
Elizabeth A. Graeber
Vladislav R. Greene
Angelia D. and H. Evans Gurner Jr.
Derek R. Gutierrez
Lisa U. Hadden
Emory K. Hamblin
Kimberly D. and Courtney C. Hampton
Haley E. Haskins
Hannah Katherine Herrin
Melissa A. Hodge-Penn
Evalyn C. Holman
Sloan S. Hunter
Sushmitha Inguva
Jaquon E. Irby
Joshua A. Jeter
Joseph C. Johnson
Willa E. Johnson
Melissa G. and Donald D. Jones Jr.
Olivia H. Jordan
J. Blake Kelly
Anne M. Klingen
Ashleigh E. and Colin J. Knight
Alyce S. and F. David Krouse
Elizabeth M. Kruczek
Trevor R. Land
Henry Lang-Vanderlaan
Olivia R. Larkin
Matthew C. Liddon
Kristina A. and Chance Livingston
Robert S. Loeb
B. Ascher Luke Jr.
Robert B. Mahaffey Jr.
Matthew S. Majure
Karen A. and Daniel B. Maltby
Sydnee Manley
Wyatt A. Martin
Haley E. McFall
Addison J. McNutt
Shawnboda D. and Neal Mead
Amanda M. Pickett and Matthew C. Mims
Daniel M. Moak
Catherine A. Montague
Thomas J. Mooney V
Catherine W. and Rance Moring
Tiffany and Undray K. Morris
Kylie F. Murphy
Chloe L. Nelson
Elizabeth K. Noonan
Kyle D. Null
Sasikiran Nunna
Joannie E. Olson
C. Ford Ott
Abigail E. Padgett
Jennifer G. and W. Jason Pardoe
Thomas M. Park
James W. Parrett
Jennifer L. and Jonathan M. Parsons
Kaitlin B. Pittman
Sara A. and Brian F. Platt
Rachel L. Prestwood
Clayton S. Quinn
Elizabeth M. Randall
Adhithya Ravishankar
J. Dylan Reithel
Ashley D. Richardson
Veronica and Jeff Richardson
Megan S. and Joseph M. Roan
J. Haden Robbins
Nicolas S. Roche
Jasmine R. and Tre’Marcus D. Rosemon
David Ruben
Linda K. and Kevin A. Russell
Angela S. and Joey Rutherford
Sarah L. Rychlak
Monika H. Salkar
Libera G. Sammons
Lisa H. and Todd Sandroni
B. Tucker Schaerer
Andrew C. Schrag
Charles E. Scott Jr.
Golda M. Sharpe
Joshua L. Simer
Shayden M. Smith
Yujing Z. and Timothy C. Steenwyk
Thomas A. Steis
Caroline M. and James G. Stevens
Molly M. and Gill R. Stevens
Stefano Subauste
Dora Frances Sullivan-Gonzalez
Liana C. Tai
Annie W. and James G. Thomas Jr.
Riley C. Threlkeld
Pamela K. and Noah D. Tobak
Robert E. Tonos
Elizabeth Towle
Son Trieu
Katelyn A. and Joshua L. Triplette
Melinda W. and Stephen G. Valliant
Haley E. Vassar
Kayla P. VonBurg-King
Anthony E. Vukusich
Gerald Waltman III
David E. Wamble
Terra A. Warren
Alexander P. Watkins
Moriah V. Weakley
A. Spencer Wickline
Lynn A. and William T. Wilkins IV
Paxton E. Williams
James R. Wilson
Matthew R. Wilson
Brooke B. and Michael D. Worthy
A. Jajuan Young

*This membership reflects donors to the University of Mississippi Medical Center but does not include the Ole Miss Alumni Association or the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation. 

**Recent Graduates are donors we recognize as having completed any degree from the University of Mississippi within the last 10 academic years, giving between $100 and $500, depending upon graduation year.

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