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The Center for Practical Ethics

Learning the Art of Civil Discourse

The Center for Practical Ethics focuses on pragmatic solutions to pressing and contentious moral and political issues through intensive research, collaboration and dialogue, and ethical analysis. This focus on practical ethical guidance is a priority embraced by the University of Mississippi as it prepares students to be productive and conscientious global citizens.

The Center fosters civil dialogue on a range of ethical issues through events and programming open to the campus community and the public through its public-facing pillar.  It serves as a resource for citizens, the campus community, private industry, and government on substantively researched ethical policy questions across areas as diverse as business, education, media, economics, engineering, the environment, health care, law, the military, technology, and computer science. Through each of these pillars, the Center fosters collaboration between engaged citizens, students, industry experts, faculty, and alumni to provide regional, national, and international leadership on practical ethics.

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For more information please contact:

Deborah S. Mower
Director, The Center for Practical Ethics
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hume Bryant Associate Professor of Ethics
Department of Philosophy and Religion
University of Mississippi

Delia Childers
Director of Development
College of Liberal Arts
University of Mississippi
(662) 915 – 3086

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