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This is For Ole Miss.

Your Support Now could change the university For Ever

As we move into a bright, new era at the University of Mississippi, we have taken on an ambitious $1.5 billion fundraising initiative, the largest in the history of our state. Now & Ever, the campaign for Ole Miss, is a testament to our belief in the attentive teaching, the pioneering research and the high-quality health care, service and innovation we bring to the world. As we find ourselves at another defining moment in the life of our university, these four pillars of emphasis shape our efforts moving forward:

Stand with us at the steps to tomorrow. Help us tackle grand challenges and train the next generation of professionals who will solve mankind’s most pressing problems. We will not flinch. With your help, we will boldly climb toward the future of Ole Miss with the steadfast mindset of champions. We embark on this campaign with an unwavering belief that together, we will secure every resource needed to reach our full potential.

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Faculty Support

The University of Mississippi’s success depends in large part on the faculty support from our donors for named positions such as endowed chairs or professorships. These add prestige and funding that help us attract and retain the best professors. Having an outstanding faculty is critical to providing the incredible educational opportunities we offer our students. The formal part of education is performed by the faculty and the extent to which we can attract and retain world-class faculty greatly determines our future as a university.