The University of Mississippi

Pathways to Equity

The Pathways to Equity: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Institutional Strategic Plan lays the foundation for the University of Mississippi to improve outcomes and meaningfully advance diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives on our campus. It actively address the challenges and disparate outcomes at all levels of our campus community and requires us to address individual, social, organizational and systemic factors that create and sustain inequities that prevent all members of our community from fully participating and thriving at the University of Mississippi.

Pathways to Equity outlines three overarching goals for institutionally advancing diversity, equity and inclusion:

  • Advance Institutional Capacity for Equity: Infrastructure, Information, Systems, Education and Processes
  • Cultivate a Diverse and Equitable Community: Recruiting, Retaining, Advancing and Succeeding
  • Foster an Inclusive Campus Climate: Support, Value and Belonging

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