The University of Mississippi

Scholarships Strengthen Ole Miss

It can cost Mississippi students approximately $27,000 annually, or almost $108,000 over 4 years, to attend Ole Miss. Non-residents pay about $44,000 annually and about $175,000 for four years.

Graduating with significant debt in student loans can be discouraging and overwhelming. Scholarships assist a broad range of deserving students and place them in a better financial situation as they enter the job market. 

A minimum gift of $50,000 creates an endowed scholarship. Endowments are held permanently and managed by the University of Mississippi Foundation, with the annual income or interest directed to the scholarship. Usually, an endowment requires a two-year investment period before we begin awarding the scholarship. Your commitment to a scholarship endowment could be paid outright or pledged over five years.

Some examples of two endowment levels and the positive impact each one would have on Ole Miss undergraduate students:

  • Example 1:Annual income from a $50,000 scholarship endowment would be approximately $2,175 awarded to one student each year. As the endowment grows, the award will also.
  • Example 2:Annual income from a $250,000 scholarship endowment would be approximately $10,625, which could support one or more students.

By becoming a scholarship donor, you would determine the name of the fund and you would have the option of determining the award’s criteria, such as:

  • Merit-based, need-based, or merit and need based.
  • Geographical area served (example: Mississippi and Texas students)

To see the scholarship awarded immediately, you can provide an additional cash gift in the first few years until the endowment matures and generates enough interest to cover the award.

Providing Non-Endowed Scholarships

Scholarships can be created with funds to be used immediately and do not require a $50,000 minimum. A gift of any amount can make a major difference for our students.

Ole Miss Opportunity Program

Gifts of any amount can help Ole Miss provide access to education for Mississippi students from the most challenged economic circumstances. Through our Ole Miss Opportunity program, the University guarantees that eligible Mississippi residents receive financial aid support to cover the average cost of tuition, residence hall housing and a meal allowance.

To transform the lives of UM students through scholarships, please visit this page.